The Creative Vision Factory opened its doors in December of 2011. Funded by the State of Delaware’s Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health, it is one of many peer-run programs incubated by the sweeping reform of Delaware’s greater mental health system. The Creative Vision Factory is on a path to 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status. As a peer-run nonprofit agency, the Factory will be uniquely situated to serve the community, in the heart of an arts and cultural district, that sees the behavioral health population as a genuine partner in the development of a more creative and just City of Wilmington.


The Creative Vision Factory fosters the creative potential of individuals on the behavioral health spectrum in a studio art environment that cultivates integration with the local art community through a program of exhibitions, workshops, and communal workspace.


The Creative Vision Factory is where creative individuals share their experience, strength, and hope. We imagine a community free of stigma, where the creative vision of all individuals is valued. We recognize that creative solutions often come from outsider perspectives. We seek to create a space where those perspectives are shared and the solutions are realized in a social atmosphere promoting recovery among peers.


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4 Responses to About

  1. Where Art chases Recovery or Recovery chases Art – either way without freedom of expression -Expect the creative mind to become clogged 1 Unable to free itself from the sicknesses of much lesser minds !

    A Bird (Kissy) and a Man ..

  2. segalstudios says:

    Where Art is terribly CHEESY, Regurgitation may follow Art – Either Way without freedom of extrusion – Expect the constipated mind to be impacted and Unable to free itself from the sickness that is Atherosclerosis, or Coronary Artery Disease.

  3. What a neat venue! Wish I lived closer… This is right up my ally having MCS.

  4. segalstudios says:

    Don’t kick yourself, but if you have a note from a psychiatrist, you can be fully funded by the State of Delaware. You would have studio space and access to a good amount of supplies and equipment, including our new Screen-Printing Lab.

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