Gallery and Store

To purchase jewelry please visit our etsy store._MG_7366_650_MG_7498_650 _MG_7485_650 _MG_7454_650 _MG_7432_650 _MG_7421_650 _MG_7413_650 _MG_7345_650 _MG_7319_650

IMG_5098 IMG_5096 IMG_0534  IMG_5097  IMG_5092

IMG_0537  IMG_5094 IMG_0538 (1) IMG_5091


IMG_5100 IMG_5093 IMG_0535  


IMG_5107 IMG_5108  IMG_5101

Prices range from $25-$45. Please contact Chantal Matthews at 302-857-9955 for purchasing and product availability.  She is continually adding new editions to this collection and will make custom orders.



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