If you’re an artist looking for a community and a place to work, the Creative Vision Factory is the place for you! Show up, get a tour, meet the artists, have a coffee, and spend the day with us.

We’re willing to bet that you’ll come back!

The Creative Vision Factory is open to people with lived experience of recovery from mental health and addiction disorders, and to those artists without diagnosis who are interested in sharing their creative pursuits in a social environment that has no regard for stigma or labels. The integrated community at The Creative Vision Factory promotes understanding and acceptance of recovery and the artistic vision of all people.

The Creative Vision Factory membership, workshops and materials are free for mental health consumers.  The Creative Vision Factory retains a 25% commission on all artworks sold on site.

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7 Responses to Membership

  1. blake says:

    ” free for mental health consumers”, could someone clarify this? do we need to get a referral from our doctor or bring in evidence that we are mental health consumers or does it go by the honor system?

    • thecvf says:

      Let’s make arrangements for you to come in, we’re open Monday through Friday from 10-5pm, you can reach us at 302-397-8472. Initially all we need is your word and interest, we then have systems to verify your “official consumer status”– this important thing is that you have a place to make work and meet others if that’s what you’re looking for. I’m looking forward to meeting you. Sincerely, Michael Kalmbach

  2. Gwen Ford says:

    Hey Michael,
    It was great meeting with you today. I love the vision that you have for the CVF and if there’s any way that I could offer my assistance please do not hesitate to email me. Gwen Ford

  3. Melissa says:

    Do you have need for any kind of volunteer work?

  4. Visited the CVF a couple weeks ago. I work as a peer support specialist and I am interested to come in as a consumer and work on some art of my own. I find it very inspiring there. It’s very exciting, what you’re doing. I walked in and the first thing I saw was the “Go Fuck Yourself” piece, and I was blown away.

  5. Brian Bazemore says:

    i want to vist

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