As a program of the Mental Health Association of Southeastern Pennsylvania contributions to The Creative Vision Factory are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law, and should be made payable to the Mental Health Association of Southeastern Pennsylvania.

Become a Friend of the Factory when you contribute 50 dollars or more to The Creative Vision Factory. This contribution ensures that our members have access to materials, space, and the professional development they need to build a self-sustaining artistic practice.

Friends of the Factory enjoy a 10% discount on all works in the gallery, and they’ll be the first to receive official CVF swag as it’s released this year.

Checks should be sent to:

The Creative Vision Factory/617 N Shipley Street/Wilmington, Delaware 19801

The Creative Vision Factory accepts in-kind donations, and we’re always in need of the following items:

  • Old newspapers and magazines
  • Empty yogurt cups and other plastic containers that can be used to hold water and store materials / coffee cans
  • Coffee/ coffee filters/ creamer and Equal/Splenda/ Sweet N’ Low
  • Cleaning supplies, i.e. Windex, dish soap, Pine Sol, Paper Towels
  • Printer Ink: Office Jet (920 Black) (920 yellow, red, blue)

Here’s a WISH LIST of the big-ticket items the Factory is looking to secure in 2012

  • Up to date iMac or Macbook computers
  • HD or Mini HD Video Cameras
  • Digital Cameras
  • A Large-bed Scanner

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